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Natalia Nik (Nikulina)


Moscow based artist and illustrator. 

" I am sure that any work of art should evoke emotions. The palette of emotions is diverse, which, I suppose, is the key to understanding art.

The first level of emotions comes from the author. When creating a painting, I certainly know what I feel and want to convey through the canvas, paints, the choice of forms, the play of light or texture. I invest emotions and energy into my painting.

The second level is the audience. What will the viewer experience when looking at the picture? He will probably stop and experience pleasure, comfort, peace, resentment, or anger. They will get EMOTION! But overwise, he may pass by this artwork without experiencing any interest.


I do not set myself the task of attracting someone's attention or shock. My paintings are instead an intimate, confidential conversation. I propose to share my understanding of the harmony and diversity of the world and my thoughts. After all, I draw my inspiration from what surrounds me and causes emotions: nature, people, objects, events."

Since 2000, member of a few international artists Associations.

Some of her pieces are in private collections in Russia and abroad. She is a participant in various Russian and international art exhibitions and contests.






Contact me

Телефон: +7 (916) 682-50-35

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